“We were greatly blessed and our lives enriched the day we met Kathleen Pauli. We have been totally pleased from that day forward with the house that Chris Pauli custom built for us as a result of that accidental meeting. It has been nearly six years since we closed on our wonderful home, and we are more pleased with it today than we ever thought possible. We would like to compliment the builders on the entire process and especially the end product. During the building of our home there was never a time when we attempted to contact Chris when he did not stop what he was doing and consult with us, solve a problem, or thoroughly complete whatever we asked of him. He was always available to us, responsive, informative and he always “made it work.” Our home was built with the highest quality of workmanship and materials, and we are confident that little could have been done to make it better because of Chris’s willingness to build for us the best quality home possible. Kathleen Pauli added extra warmth to the building process by her expertise as an Occupational Therapist and enabled our home to be built with Handicap Accessible features throughout the ground floor. She took an active part in the planning, execution and final product. Any problems that we have had after closing, whether they were minor or major, were always addressed with immediate concern and to our satisfaction. And this continues after living in this home for nearly six years. Any question or problem is always addressed in a timely fashion with enthusiasm and honesty. We feel that Chris and Kathleen Pauli are not only our builders but will be lifelong cherished friends as well. We do not hesitate to confidently recommend Pauli Homes to anyone, and we gladly and graciously show our home with great pride as we constantly assure everyone that our home was custom built to our satisfaction. “

– Doris and John Hendrickson, Basehor, Kansas.

“We have recommended Chris Pauli to others, and we often speak highly of our building experience with him. Chris was outstanding in communicating with us. I can honestly say he communicated with us every day in some way until our house was finished. I don’t think you find that very often in a builder. If we build another house, we won’t even consider using anyone else but Chris because he was just so good. I think it’s the fact that he’s so hands-on and caring. He takes such pride in his work. We had only one miscommunication with Chris on our new house during the entire building process that I remember. I noticed that the downstairs fireplace had been constructed with paintable wood rather than wood for staining. We didn’t want white painted wood downstairs, and I told him that. It was a very simple miscommunication. We had this conversation at 10 a.m. and by 5 p.m. that same day the wood was changed out on the entire fireplace, and it was completely made right. He was incredible and so willing to be sure that everything was done just as we wanted. We’ve had very few problems with our house, even years later. The previous time we built (with another builder), our call-back list was pages long with things to fix after we moved in. With Chris’s build, there was hardly anything. In fact, he would find things that we missed that weren’t up to his standards, and he came to fix those things. He was just awesome! ”

– Jeff and Kay Angle, Lenexa, Kansas.

“We couldn’t have had a better experience than we did building our house with Chris Pauli. In fact, we’ve had him come back two times since – to finish our basement and enclose a screened-in porch. Throughout the whole process, it was easy to see that Chris Pauli is a man of integrity, not just as a builder, but as a person. Chris requires a high standard from his subcontractors and is very proactive – he personally came out to the house to inspect their work. We trust him. We have recommended him to friends, and they have been equally pleased with his work. Chris is flexible, easily allowing for updates in design or a change in materials. His prices are extremely reasonable. And it’s refreshing that he is not pushy; he makes suggestions and is very upfront and fair. We would hire him again! ”

– Jen and Dan LeBlanc, Spring Hill, Kansas.

“We worked with Chris Pauli the first time in 1999 to build our first home. We didn’t know Chris going into it, it just happened that his house had the floor plan we wanted. We loved that home, and since it was our first build, we had no idea how well our house was built compared to others. But soon we heard that many of our neighbors (whose houses were done by another builder) were having a lot of problems. One neighbor had a bottom step that was three inches higher than the others. Another neighbor noticed that our house had nearly double the roof vents of all the other houses. That was the standard for Chris; other houses simply didn’t have it. When we were looking to build again in 2008, we called Chris Pauli. We didn’t even consider anyone else; we knew we wanted to work with him again. We have exactly the house we want, a beautiful house that is well made. Chris did a great job! Chris is such a great person to work with. He listens and works hard to make things how you want them. It’s clear that Chris goes “above and beyond” – that he’s not your typical home builder. We love that he is flexible. ”

– Sara and Nate Truelson, Lenexa, Kansas.

“When thinking of Chris Pauli, two words come to mind – dependability and integrity. You know when you’re talking to him he’s genuine. We did not know Chris Pauli before we built our house. But even in the initial stages, Chris specifically looked for ways to make the new house our own. At one of the first meetings we had with him, he came to our current home and, after seeing our furniture, he gave ideas for trim in the new house that would match all our mission-style furniture. We were always apprised of changes (during the building process). If something was supposed to happen a certain day and it didn’t, he let us know why and when it would be done. We knew we’d always get a response quickly. Sometimes we would send e-mails (via the Web site) after 10 p.m., and usually we got a response from Chris that night or the next morning. He’s always very responsive. We would recommend Chris in a heartbeat, in fact, we have recommended him not only for new builds but also for remodels and finishing unfinished spaces. We think the world of Chris and Kathleen! ”

– Susan Taylor and Naomi Kilpatrick, Lenexa, Kansas.