At Pauli Homes, we know that building a home is a big investment. That’s why we emphasize building an “accessible” home – one that takes into consideration your story, your lifestyle, and your future. This is especially important for homeowners who plan to make their new home their “forever” home.

Chris and Kathleen Pauli work as a cohesive team to design each house. The Paulis work with homeowners to help them envision how their lifestyle will evolve as the years progress. “What people don’t realize is that if homes are set up correctly, people can be more independent in caring for themselves or a loved one if they have certain features built in,” Kathleen says. As a licensed occupational therapist, she has a full understanding of the aging process and how to accommodate for varying challenges and abilities. Together Chris and Kathleen subtlety build in accessibility features to create a home that is not only safe and accessible, but also beautiful.

Consider this: That roomy hallway closet on the second-floor is a fantastic selling point now. Imagine your delight when, as an older homeowner, you realize that you can remain in that home – because Pauli Development constructed the closet to serve as an elevator shaft someday, if needed. Building in such features saves homeowners money in the long run, plus provides peace of mind for the future.

“Kathleen was at the second meeting about building our new house, and she was skilled in asking questions about the home that made us look at long-term livability,” says Susan Taylor of Lenexa. “As a result, our first floor is completely handicapped accessible, there are no steps into the house from our garage, and the main bath has enough room for a wheelchair (if we’d ever need it). We expect to be in this home a long time. She brought to us ideas that a typical builder doesn’t often have the insight to recommend.”